Paul Laxalt State Office Building (Old Federal Building)-Named for former Nevada Governor and U.S. Senator Paul Laxalt, this four-story, red brick structure at 401 N. Carson St. was erected in 1890-91. The distinctive Victorian building originally housed the post office, federal courts, U.S. Weather Bureau, and other federal agencies. Prominent 19th century government architect, Mifflin E. Bell, was responsible for its design. As with many of his structures, Bell incorporated a clock tower into the building.The last court case was heard in the building in 1965, after which the federal court was moved to Reno. The post office moved to new quarters in Carson City in 1970. The Nevada State Library moved into the building and remained there until the early 1990s, when it was extensively restored and became the offices of the Nevada Commission on Tourism and Nevada Magazine. Having been, over the years, a Court house, Post Office, Bank, and library there is much history in this old and distictive building. Architexturally, the building has been refurbished many times, although it appears that some entities from it's storied past have remained...


In the building's early days as a courthouse, prisoners were shackled in the basement of the building while awaiting trial. Many workers who have spent time in the basement have and occasionlly experiencing unexplainable cold spots and noises. In one famous incident in recent years, a newly hired maintance man quit the job on his first night after a "run-in" with something in the basement near the boiler, that he did not want to talk about.

The main elevator in the building occasionally works on it's own, going from floor to floor, opening and closing the doors even though no one has touched the buttons. Maintenance workers have disassembled the elevator controls repeatedly over the years without any explanation. Some vistors to the building report strange feelings and often feel "hot breath" on their necks, while riding the elevator, and very often take the stairs back down.

Conference Room(Old Judges Chamber)
Many people over the years have reported hearing clarinet music coming from this second story chamber, late at night. The Capitol Police have also seen shadowed figures in this room in late hours, while on patrol outside, but never find anything upon entering the the locked room. Some investigators feel that the ghost of Emily Imer may be the ghost in this case. As the wife
of an early 1910's Circuit Court Judge, she and her brother Stanford were well know musicians of the era, and may have practiced in this large room while visiting Carson City.

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